Prolapsed Third Eyelid

Prolapsed Third Eyelid

Prolapsed Third Eyelid Gland Treatment for Pets in Melbourne

Our veterinary clinic in Melbourne offers specialized treatment for pets suffering from prolapsed third eyelid glands, commonly known as “cherry eye.” Our experienced team is committed to providing effective and compassionate care to resolve this uncomfortable eye condition.

Diagnosing Prolapsed Third Eyelid Glands

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in effective treatment:

  • Eye Examination: A comprehensive examination of the affected eye to assess the extent of the prolapse.
  • Assessment of Overall Eye Health: Checking for any accompanying eye issues or underlying conditions that may be contributing to the problem.

Treatment Options

Our approach to treating prolapsed third eyelid glands involves:

  • Surgical Repositioning: The most common and effective treatment is surgically repositioning the gland to its normal location. This procedure is aimed at preserving the gland’s function, which is crucial for maintaining proper eye lubrication.
  • Gland Removal: In rare cases where repositioning is not viable or effective, removal of the gland might be considered, although this is generally a last resort due to the risk of long-term dry eye.


The cost for treating a prolapsed third eyelid gland can vary, depending on the chosen surgical approach and any additional treatments required. A detailed estimate will be provided after the initial consultation.

Payment Options

To ensure that treatment is accessible, we offer various payment options:

  • GapOnly: Covers the gap not paid by pet insurance, simplifying the payment process.
  • VetPay: A convenient financing solution, allowing for the cost of treatment to be spread over time.
  • Zip Money: Provides flexible payment plans, making it easier to manage the financial aspects of your pet’s care.


Effective aftercare is essential for a successful recovery:

  • Post-Surgical Care: We provide detailed instructions on how to care for your pet post-surgery, including medication administration and eye protection.
  • Follow-Up Visits: Regular check-ups to monitor the healing process and ensure the best outcome.
  • Long-Term Eye Health Management: Advice on maintaining your pet’s eye health and preventing future issues.

Our dedicated team in Melbourne is here to guide you and your pet through the treatment process, ensuring a comfortable and swift recovery from prolapsed third eyelid gland issues.