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About Us

At VetCare Hawthorn, each day is a new adventure filled with furry, feathered, and sometimes scaly friends. Led by the warm-hearted Dr. Phan, our team of passionate and caring veterinary professionals eagerly awaits the arrival of our next guest. Whether they trot, flutter, slither, or bound through our doors, every pet is greeted with an abundance of love, attentive care, and yes, a delightful treat or two!

Our clinic buzzes with a unique blend of excitement and compassion as we meet a diverse array of animals. From the tiniest of hamsters to the grandest of Great Danes, each one holds a special place in our hearts. We relish the unpredictability – never quite knowing who will come in next, but always certain that they’ll receive the highest standard of care.

At VetCare Hawthorn, we’re more than just a veterinary clinic; we’re a haven for pets in need. Whether it’s a routine check-up to ensure they’re thriving, urgent care for the sick or injured, or simply a friendly chat about the best way to keep them fit and happy, we’re here for it all. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the health and vitality of your beloved companions, offering everything from invigorating exercise programs and engaging puppy pre-schools to top-notch nutrition, effective treatments, and the most entertaining toys.

And let’s not forget about dental health – a topic of much concern (and sometimes amusement) among our pet parents. Yes, we’re looking at you, owners of those adorably stinky-breathed pups and kitties! Rest assured, we’re on a mission to turn those whiffs into wows with our comprehensive oral care services.

So, bring your cherished pets to VetCare Hawthorn, where their well-being is our top priority. We’re not just vets and nurses; we’re pet lovers, dedicated to providing the best possible care for your animal family members. Book an appointment today and experience the VetCare Hawthorn difference, where every pet is treated like our own.