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Senior Pet Program

Long live your pet!

Due to advancement in the veterinary science and technology, it is possible to ensure longer, healthier and happier life for your pet.

How do I know if my pet is ‘senior’?

Usually, by the time a pet reached the age of 7, it is considered a senior pup/kitten! But this may vary as per the size of your pet.

Refer to this chart to know the human equivalent of your cat / dog’s age.

Cat’s Age Equivalent Human Years
7 54
10 63
15 78
20 97
Dog’s age/ Equivalent Human Age*
7 45 to 55
10 56 to 75
15 76 to 115
20 94 to 120 (*depends on the dog’s size)

Senior pets require more care and attentions. If your pet falls in the senior category, it is advised to visit a vet regularly for an overall check-up. With age, pets may face following problems :

  • Kidney / Urinary tract infection
  • Kidney / Urinary tract infection
  • Not responding to your calls
  • Bone weakness
    • Senility
    • Cancer
    • Crankiness / Dullness

    It is advised to regularly monitor your pet. Our team of expert and caring vets ensure proper care, diet and treatment is prescribed for your pet.

    Our team performs regular checks on the seniors and ensures that it gets to live a healthy and happy elder years!

    Should you have any questions or want to enrol in our senior pet care program, call us today.