VetCare Hawthorn, 4/18, Camberwell Road

Hawthorn East, Victoria 3123

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Puppy Pre-School

Raise your puppy right!

VetCare Hawthorn Puppy Pre-School is the best platform for your puppy to become a member of your family.

During the time of 8-16 weeks, pups have the highest tendency of growing and understanding the world around them. Our gentle experts at VetCare Hawthorn ensure that during this period they are put in a controlled, caring and loving environment to enable a perfect pet.


It is not only aimed at to imbibe basic training in your pup, but also teach the puppy about controlling undesirable behaviours.

The pre-school aims at learning via playing and fun. Other than the interactive learning, course also includes assisting the owner with the diet, health, hygiene of the pup.