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Behavioural Consultations

What’s the reason behind a lovely pet-owner relationship? A well trained pet! Sometime, even if you try hard to train your pet into certain habits, their certain set of behaviour is undesirable. That’s where we – and our pet behaviour experts come in.

Some of the undesirable habits found in pets are:

  • Unnecessary barking
  • Being aggressive towards other pets or neighbours
  • Not responding to your calls
  • Being nervous and jumping around
  • Unusual eating habits
  • Goofing around furniture.

Our in-house experts can help you determine the cause of these problems, which might be troubling your pets. Be it medical reasons or just training issues, we would love to help you make your pet an ideal trained friend!

We treat not help you improve your pet’s behaviour, but our consultations also include services like:

  • Introducing new pet to the old ones (the more the merrier)
  • Preparing the pet for the arrival of a baby (after all it can be the best friend of your baby)

We will be happy to help, call us today!