VetCare Hawthorn, 4/18, Camberwell Road

Hawthorn East, Victoria 3123

03 9813 4977

About Us

We at Vetcare Hawthorn are committed towards a healthy pets world!
Vetcare Hawthorn is always willing to welcome all the pets and their parents from Melbourne region.
We at Vetcare Hawthorn offer the complete range of professional veterinary services for your loved pet. The advantage of being with Vetcare Hawthorn is we utilize the latest diagnostic equipment. Our vets are some of the most advanced professionals in terms of medical care and diagnostic testing (& of course, loving pets!).


Our aim is to deliver exceptional, comprehensive care to ascertain your pet gets salubrious and stays wholesome!
Not only the traditional vet services, but we ensure vital steps in safeguarding your pet’s health. At Vetcare Hawthorn, we have special care, hygiene and integration programs tailored to your pet’s needs. Besides giving your pet a comprehensive physical examination, we additionally work with the details of the distant medical and dietary studies and its behavior including diet, emotional stresses, and other factors. Not only that, time to time, we indulge with your pet in a game of peek-a- boo!
Our services also include preventative health care such as vaccinations, flea, ticks and worming prevention. All these play a consequential role in the long term wellness of your pet. We will always distribute exceptional, comprehensive care.
We pride ourselves on internal training and continued improvement to ensure that you always receive the best advice and pet care from people who genuinely care (and love your pets!)

Some of the many services we give are –

  • Vaccinations
  • Desexing
  • Dentistry
  • Microchip Identification
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Laboratory/Pathology Testing
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Pet grooming and hygiene

Not only that, don’t forget to check our cat boarding and puppy pre-school programs!

Other than the vet services, visit our clinic to get best deals on the pet food and accessories.

If you are a proud parent of a pet, Vetcare Hawthorn is the one-stop- shop for you!

Awards & Merits

Vetcare Hawthorn is recognised as one of the best Vet Clinics and Services Center in Melbourne. No matter be it big or small animal, we know how to take care of them gently. We commit same love and care that you provide your pet!

Vetcare Hawthorn is a proud member of the Australian Veterinary Association and takes all aspects of the membership as a vow.  This approach over the years has earned thousands of clients and in-turn thousands of happy and healthy pets, which allows us to invest further into advanced technology and equipment.

The doctors and staff here understand and share our clients’ love and compassion for animals, and deliver the highest quality veterinary care. Our board-certified specialists and nurses are dedicated to keeping all companion animals fit.

Vetcare Hawthorn, being a proud member of the broader Vet community of Australia, regularly participates in the Vet associations’ meetings and congresses, where it showcases its commitment for the betterment of the pet life in Australia – and around the world. We ensure that our specialists are up-to- date in terms of the best practices in the Vet industry and keep updating their knowledge base to in-turn help pets better.

We like to think that our biggest achievement is the trust that exists between you, your healthy pet and us – and over the year we have achieved this feat over thousands of time and are committed to reach greater heights of animal fitness as we grow.

Take pride when your pet is being taken care by Vetcare Hawthorn, because for us the greatest treasure is seeing that all pet around flourish under great care!