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Are you a proud parent of a pet?

We at Vetcare Hawthorn have experience of more than 5 years of taking quality care of pets. To get an answer to all your queries about your pet, please call us. We will be happy to help!

03 9813 4977

Have you got a pet in Hawthorn? Then you have got a responsibility to show love. Pets are emotional just as we humans and would demand you showing them affectionate care. You may struggle with providing this detailed love. But don't worry we will help you out.

At VetCare, your pet be it in Camberwell, Kew, Malvern is our darling responsibility and we will take care of it to the tiniest details. We have been able to cement very formidable relationships between persons and their pet in Canterbury, Gleniris, as far as Abbotsford by rendering extensive veterinary care to their pets. Basking in our love, your pet is assured of the loveliest motherly care it can ever get. Every pet with VetCare is treated royally as gold. We are not leaving a drop of care behind.

Are struggling with the medical upkeep of your pet in Melbourne CBD? Worry not, we see here with the solution. Combining the latest technology with our vast amount of experience, you can be assured that the health of your pet is a priority we are dedicated to, to the fullest.

It hurts when our loved ones fall ill- even our pets too. We understand your anguish hence we ensure your pet is hale, hearty and kicking. It is heartwarming seeing that healthy glint on the face of your pet. This is what we guarantee at VetCare. We will run regular medical check-up on your pet while administering the most effective medications your pet would need. From parasite control, down to injury treatment even as far as to extensive vaccination, we make sure your pet is frolicking and lavishing in abundant health.

Our veterinarians at VetCare know the biology and physiology of your pet just like the back of their hands, hence they are sure to give your pet the best of medical solutions to keep its excitement and bubbling eternal.

Many pet owners fail to realize that having a pet is not all about having the refrigerator stuffed with animal foods. There is the place of dieting and weight control just as it is with humans. This is where you readily need our expert veterinarians to study your pet and provide a feeding schedule that sumptuously encompasses all the needed nutrients and well-planned exercise routine for protection against obesity. Not only humans can be fit and athletic, pets can be so as well especially with VetCare.

It is not all pets that talk but surely all pets communicate. Being able to pick the body language and interaction patterns of your pet goes a long way in determining the level of emotions that nourishes your relationship with your pet. With us at VetCare, we will hone your pet communication skills enabling you to actively interact socially with your pet in real time. We will help you hear your pet vividly. Also we would train your pet to dispose of any wild charisma, training it behaviorally to intelligently respond to special gestures from you. Surely with us, your pet would be your best company.

Looking for the best of care for your pet in Hawthorn? Then you need people who love pets. Come we will help you love your pet and your pet to love you back!

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I was very impressed with everyone at Vetcare Hawthorn. When I took my dog there, they knew my dogs name, opened the door for us, and made us feel safe and comfortable. Fanatics service :) Highly recommended.